Some Mods

Here you will find some amateur games were created with the software GDevelop.
For the game Amedacier is a simple "Launcher" that can connect to a special server.
You will find here all mods of games made by... ME!

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Duck hunting is open. Hunters to your guns ready, shoot! Can you challenge the best score? Upload your scores online on our website. Version 1.3 12Mo



For Spigot Minecraft server
With this plugin you will be able to group money per group of world.
When you start this plugin for the first time and a player login. A backup file named backupVault will be created with all players data from vault. This file is there just in case.
By default all world will be send to the group "default" if in config file "newWorldInDefault" is true. If not each world will have is own group.

/themultiworldmoney help
- The main help

/themultiworldmoney group
- This will list all world in all group

/themultiworldmoney group add [GROUPNAME]
- Add groups

/themultiworldmoney group move [WORLDNAME] [GROUPNAME]
- Move World to a new group

/themultiworldmoney group delete [GROUPNAME]
- Delete group Worlds will in default

/themultiworldmoney player [PLAYERNAME] list
- List of money by group

/themultiworldmoney player [PLAYERNAME] [GROUP] deposit [AMOUNT]
- deposit to this group

/themultiworldmoney player [PLAYERNAME] [GROUP] withdraw [AMOUNT]
- withdraw from this group

/themultiworldmoney player [PLAYERNAME] [GROUP] set [AMOUNT]
- set exact money to this group


For Spigot Minecraft server
This mod (plugin) are for Spigot minecraft servers and it's very simple. It give you the server time in game.

It can also be used to execute task at different real time or Ingame time.
For exemple:
  • At 7h00am you can send a message to all online player "Good morning everyone!"
  • At 12h00pm you can give to all online player a tasty steak with this message "Bon appetit!"

You can also give a date and it will tell you the remain times before this event. Exemple until Christmas.
You can use Sign.


luckyman image
For Spigot Minecraft server
This mod (plugin) are for spigot minecraft servers and it's very simple too. In exchange of some levels you can transform any items in another interesting items.

new in 1.0.3 : Now with your own list of lucky objects

new in 1.0.2 : /luckyman getluck [small, medium, high]

small 2xp normal
medium get 5xp +10% chance to get better stuff
high get 10xp +30% chance to get better stuff

You can also now use Sign like this
line 1 : [LuckyMan]
line 2 : small

For 2 levels you exchange a tiny sapling in a diamond sword... OH YEAH! BABY!

AudioPic 2.0.0 (1 Mo)

This software is a simple MP3 player with a slideshow for you images. It also allows you to save playlist. Language english only.

The MD5 file is : b80401fbd81ac99f9cb2ce94038fc09d